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LEMMO ONE the Award-Winning Hybrid E-Bike Premiers in AMSTERDAM at Six and Sons

Posted on September 20 2023

LEMMO ONE the Award-Winning Hybrid E-Bike Premiers in AMSTERDAM at Six and Sons

We are delighted to introduce the LEMMO Bike pop-up at Six and Sons to the DUTCH MARKET.

Our customers requested an affordable, sustainable e-bike that can be ridden for 10-15 years, while technologies are upgraded when needed. Now they have the opportunity to easily TEST-RIDE the bikes in Amsterdam. 

The collaboration between Six and Sons and LEMMO was guided by our shared commitment to sustainability. LEMMO values adaptability and cost-effectiveness, with a goal to transform urban transportation in the age of electrification and smart technology. As a result, LEMMO One's mission is to provide an eco-conscious e-bike solution that grants individuals the liberty to swiftly switch between traditional cycling and a smooth electric ride for enhanced user adaptability.

LEMMO One seamlessly blends conventional bikes and e-bikes, addressing consumer dilemmas and is the winner of the 2023 Red Dot: Best of the Best Award!

Environmental Focus: The design emphasises sustainability, and the Smartpac technology allows for technology upgrades without replacing the entire bike. This approach extends the bike's lifespan and reduces waste. The detachable, easy-to-charge Smartpac integrates battery, motor control, and GPS, reducing weight. Without it, the e-bike is even lighter.

Employing no-welding technology, the bike boasts an elegant and practical, eco-friendly and clean appearance.

LEMMO (Light Electric Micro Mobility One) 


name: LEMMO One | @lemmofuture
award: Red Dot Design Award | @reddotdesignaward Red Dot: Best of the Best
design: Lemmo Future (Germany) with Springtime Design (Netherlands) 
manufacturer: Hypaths GmbH, Berlin, Germany

LEMMO BIKES are premiering at SIX AND SONS for a pop-up 
You can test ride the LEMMO BIKE until September 27, 2023