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Olivenholz Erleben

CLASSIC PLUS Shaving brush holder made of olive wood

€33.00 EUR

CLASSIC PLUS shaving brush holder made of olive wood with angled porcelain bowl 10 cm. This shaving brush holder is modern and futuristic on an olive wood plate. In addition, a modern slanted (looks great!) Porcelain shaving bowl Shaving brush holder height about 12cm, base about 14cm x 7cm Shaving bowl: height about 4.5 cm, diameter about 10 cm Product name: CLASSIC PLUS shaving brush holder made of olive wood with porcelain bowl angled 10 cm

Made in Germany





Olivenholz Erleben is a German brand that offers innovative and completely natural olive wood products. Olive trees can live for hundreds of years, and while they take a long time to grow, the wood is often a by-product of the agricultural industry, since trees eventually stop producing good fruit. This makes olive wood a sustainable material. Olive wood is one of the hardest woods in the world and has, for example, twice the hardness as the popular oak wood. Its robustness is a major reason why the wood is very durable. A decisive prerequisite for its ecological balance. In addition, it is very cut-resistant and resistant against shocks, scratch and moisture.