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Krama Heritage

Large Thick Warm Kramas Scarve

$82.00 USD

Krama scarf is entirely hand-woven in the Takeo province in Cambodia in an ethical and fair-trade fashion.

  • Krama 100% cotton

  • Sustainable palm box packaging

  • Every Krama purchased provides financing for 4 hours of classes for the local youth

  • Dimensions: 220x75cm

Krama Heritage is a sustainable accessory brand aiming to contribute to Cambodia’s cultural influence by having the Krama scarf recognisable worldwide. A fair-trade brand, Krama Heritage ensures that weavers and craftspersons involved in the production of Krama scarves work in dignified, ethical and fair-trade conditions.  Additionally, Krama Heritage supports For a Child’s Smile NGO, investing in a better future for new generations.  The brand believes in a humanist fashion and works to support the community it's building the company with.