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Elderflower Sparkling Wine

$4.00 USD

330ml | 5.3% abv | gluten free | preservative free | plant based | 1g sugar | carbon neutral

Our natural elderflower sparkling wine is the most refreshing and invigorating drink imaginable. Bursting with heady elderflowers, it captures a nostalgia for summers over the years. It is made with wild foraged elderflowers and Welsh mountain spring water in the Brecon Beacons, turned to fire and fizz by Champagne yeast. It’s gently intoxicating at 5.3% and balanced between dry and sweet.

It sits between canned wine, hard seltzers, and light ciders, yet holds a unique place that crosses the category divides.

Quench your thirst under a hot sun, or reminisce with a can by the fire. This natural wine is low calorie, gluten free, and plant-based, with sustainability at its core, commercially made by only one business in the world.


Mydflower was founded in the lockdown of 2020 by David & Michael, two uni friends united by a passion for nature, summer, myth, and an ice cold drink to wash it down. We make our drinks at Graig, a hill farm in the Brecon Beacons near the ancient village of Myddfai, a place rich in folklore, and once a centre of natural medicine and healing.

Our first year of production saw us driving down tiny roads straining our eyes for white sprays of elderflower, juicing thousands of lemons by hand, wrapping our IBC tanks in duvets when the temperature dropped to freezing, and returning home to our tent in a wildflower meadow in the small hours every night with a big smile. As we scale the business we strive to retain this organic, personal quality that can only be found by observing and doing with your own eyes and hands. 


For us, sustainability doesn’t just mean reducing our impact on the world, but taking active steps to leave it a better place than we found it. We focus on three main areas:


Our home is Graig, a small hill farm in the Brecon Beacons. A number of years ago it became a project in habitat management and re-wilding. Through planting wildflower meadows, digging ponds, fencing-off areas from sheep, and careful woodland management, the variety of species has steadily grown to make it a unique and beautiful ecosystem. The project has been led by Stephen Ruttle and Dr Peter Sturgess, who along with specialists in other fields have spent hundreds of hours recording species and implementing plans to promote the biodiversity of the land.


We’ve recorded over 2000 species (and counting), including a number of first finds in our county. Highlights include otters, dormice, emperor hawk moths and soprano pipistrelle bats. 


We’re proud to be based here and to use our business to support the project.


Through a partner organisation, we have calculated the greenhouse gas emissions of each can - 0.31kg to be precise - as well as the wider emissions of our business operations. Through offsetting partners, such as Agreena, we reverse that impact to make our business fully carbon neutral. As the business grows, we hope to move forward to being carbon negative in 2023. We've chosen offsetting projects that show the greatest consideration not only for the maximum carbon fixing, but also the longest term outlook with the greatest sensitivity to the local culture, climate and biodiversity. We use a proportion of our profits to fund this work: that means by drinking Mydflower you’re helping to limit the effects of climate change - cheers to you! 


Apart from recycling and composting all of our waste ingredients and their packaging, our main way of tackling waste is by using aluminium cans. They’re infinitely recyclable, which is awesome! They’re also great because they’re lighter, resulting in less energy to transport them around, and thinner, meaning they cool down quicker in the fridge.