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Bena Soap (80g)

€9.50 EUR

Discover the charm of two Croatian dog breeds imprinted in the design of this soap. Which one is hidden inside the box is a surprise. The first one is a Dalmatian dog, one of the world's most recognizable breeds with its iconic black spots on a white coat. The second, a Croatian Sheepdog is known for its adorable black curly fur and dates back to the arrival of the first settlers in Croatia. This versatile soap is suitable for a range of skin types including sensitive, dry, oily and stressed skin thanks to its blend of moisturising plant oils, soothing essential oils and soothing calendula extract. It provides a pampering and moisturising cleansing experience that meets a range of skincare needs.



Soypa is a micro company located in the Netherlands dedicated to the production of high-quality artisan soaps using a thousand-year-old technique called the cold process. Besides the eye-catching soap design, the main emphasis is on using plant-based ingredients and promoting a sustainable lifestyle.The Soypa project started in 2019 with the idea of making soap to reduce one's environmental footprint, and the need to express my creativity. The name Soypa was created accidentally, because of a wrong memorization of the word soap in Icelandic (Sápa). The mission of the company is to encourage people to shift towards a low waste and plastic-free lifestyle. Furthermore, each package has a related environmental message with the aim to raise awareness among the customers. Soypa's vision is to be a role model for our customers in the transition towards sustainable living.