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Savon Stories

Rosehip & Clay Rejuvenator Soap

€8.00 EUR

A hypnotic & stress relieving bouquet of rosy-floral plant oils, with precious damask, rose, known for its skin-toning & repairing compounds. 

Added rose geranium and palmarosa oil add a herbaceous "green" texture to this romantic aroma.

With detoxifying pink clay and rosehip oil - dense in fatty acids & vital, renewing vitamins. A perfect, all-round rejuvenating wash.

Totally organic, vegan & cruelty-free, palm-free & handmade in England.


Savon Stories are an organic skincare and hair care brand based in London. Inspired by their families farming heritage they produce healthy, organic and minimalist beauty treatments, made from the purest raw ingredients to maintain all the virtues.