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Laura Eulalia Studio

Limited edition Linocut print - Growing design

€8.00 EUR

Limited edition of 50 Lino Cut Prints. Traditionally carved, individually inked and hand pressed in custom-made, acid free Lokta paper. 

“Growing” is the first Design I decided to work with, Is the sketch that made me realize “this is what I want to do”. From that one design many others “grew”, and you could say it made me grew up too. I hope this mini powerfool print can inspire others to trust their process, their intuition and to persew their dreams just like it did for me. 


Laura Eulalia is an Artisan Design studio based in Barcelona, offering both traditional and digital limited edition prints with nature's geometry as its main inspiration.

Raised in a creative environment with both architecture and graphic design as the backbone to her creativity. As a kid she was blessed to have a family in different parts of the world and therefore felt as though she was from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. As an artist, she learned how to merge her thoughts into her projects and what you see is the final shape of what she thinks represents her most. This collection was inspired both by Catalan Modernism and Contemporary Mexican Architecture, two very different styles she grew up immersed in.

The project was founded in 2020 as a journey to reincorporate traditional techniques and materials to her creative process through illustration.

"The process of using your own hands as a medium to create art is on its own a noble pursuit I take very seriously. Every piece is personal and my soul is poured into it. I hope my art pieces bring as much joy as they did to me, to the ones that receive it.