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Welter Shelter

Long Tube Hooded Parka Spoiler Navy

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A lightweight stylish parka crafted from a heavy duty polyester/canvas 2 layer shell. The Long Tube is Welter Shelter's signature ladies coat. Lined with a soft viscose fabric. The insulation used is the patented technique by MEIDA. Stay dry, deflect wind and most importantly look cool; in any weather condition. Amsterdam designed, 100% waterproof, wind resistant and breathable. MEIDA is used by the Danish military because they need the lightest, thinnest and warmest material around. - very thin insulation made of highly densely woven polypropylene fibers - environmentally friendly - does not absorb any water ( water = cold) - 50 grms/m2 insulates better then 2 woolen sweaters ( we use 150 grms )