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In order to minimise CO2 emissions our business model is based on representing brands and NOT owning stock.

Six and Sons is a curated - new style of micro-department store with lifestyle and fashion for him and her. Our motto is "cure for the common", ensuring that the product is generally not easy to find everywhere in the world.

All the products and brands have sustainable stories we like to tell, with an eye for aesthetics, quality and sustainability, we offer a range of concepts and inspired styles, with many independent, handmade, one-off style pieces to compliment the range.

If you are a brand owner and would like to showcase your designs, products or services in our store, we want to hear from you.

Please note we work with flexible retail formats for the new era of shopping and we do not buy stock, rather we work with you as a partner as part of a sustainable platform model.

We favour brands that create products on order or in limited editions to avoid to avoid overstock and unnecessary added transportation.

Our mission is to create a platform that is rewarding for brands and customers alike. 

Our interest is in brands that feature:

  • Positive social and environmental impact
  • Provide information to customers about the product they are buying and educate them about what makes this product sustainable in order for the customer to make a conscious purchase.


A zero emission product doesn’t exist but our purpose is to show customers that it’s possible to buy consciously and create awareness that alternatives exist to products that are depleting the natural resources of our planet.

By buying locally, support local communities or choosing sustainable materials you already contribute to a better world!

We evaluate our brands partners according to 4 principles:

  • C02 emissions: Minimise transport and logistic with local production.
  • Eco-conception: choice of sustainable materials and healthy composition with natural, organic ingredients
  • Work conditions: fair wage to all stakeholders from employees to farmers
  • CSR engagement: support NGO or local communities


Reducing waste is a way to enjoy what we have and nurture our planet.

For any questions please contact the co-founders - Ilona Taillade or Leon Goldwater.

Contact Ilona Taillade on
+31 20 655 8888