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Savon Stories

Bambibox Container - Large

€7.44 EUR

Made entirely from biodegradable and sustainable materials with a solid oak lid, this makes a beautiful storage for the standard sized 70g solid lotions.

Durable | Extremely durable alternative to plastic. High strength and does not break easily when dropped even on hard surface, nor shatter into pieces, making very sae even with children.

Ecological | Made from completely biodegradable bamboo-glass fiber. The wood itself is perhaps the fastest growing plant on the planet and is mainly grown in the wild, which means no pesticides and no use of energy.

Lightweight | extremely light makes it highly practical.

Versatile | bamboo glass is completely washable including in the dishwasher.


Savon Stories are an organic skincare and hair care brand based in London. Inspired by their families farming heritage they produce healthy, organic and minimalist beauty treatments, made from the purest raw ingredients to maintain all the virtues.