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Saucy Dans

Chai n Chill Hot Sauce

€8.50 EUR

A spicy chai latte is one of lifest simple pleasures, rich & complex but silky smooth. Now you can experience this in hot sauce form. The heat comes from Madame Jeanette chilis, while bananas & tomatillos provide the creamy texture and peaches add the fruity aroma, but the real magic comes from the chai spicies of cardemom, cumin, tumeric, and cinnamon. Heat level: Medium Hot. Good With...Steak, Grilled Aubergine, Mushrooms. Also fantastic as marinade for South Asian inspired cuisine.



Before I became Saucy Dan, I was just a humble BBQ enthusiast, known on de straat as spicyboi99. Living in a city, Amsterdam, with less than 15 days of BBQ-worthy weather a year, I clocked in 43 bbq sessions a season.

Yet as a recovering Sriracha addict, I realized the missing piece in any BBQ chowdown experience was in the sauce—flavor nirvana eluded us. Out of this desperation, Saucy Dans was born.

When I'm not whipping up a new sauce idea, you'll likely find me in someone else's kitchen, adding unsolicited additional spices to the food they're cooking.

Stay saucy, my friends.