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Cinnamon incense cones

$12.00 USD

Strengthen creativity, feel comfort and deep relaxation with a relaxing, soothing, yet spicy aroma of cinnamon and spices.

PURNAMA conical incense with the scent of cinnamon and vanilla is a Nepalese incense made from a mixture of aromatic plants, spices, tree bark and dried medicinal herbs. Incense is made entirely by hand, it is completely natural and safe.



Purnama Rituals is the support of your daily rituals ♀️ 🧘🏼 shaped by various philosophies, research and experiences, we create mindfulness products and content, and strive to cultivate rituals focused on our own development ✨
All products from natural incense, hand-made ceramics and other accessories are obtained naturally and sustainable. Purnama Rituals takes responsibility not only for their origin but also for packaging, striving for environmental neutrality