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Dragons Blood Love Sage 10cm

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Dragon’s Blood” is a red resin obtained from the Dracaena plant also known as the dragon tree. Adding the resin to any other herb is known to enhance its’ effects.

The approximate dimension of Dragon Blood is 10cm.

Smudging; meaning

The practice of "smudging" is probably thousands of years old. The Native Americans (Indians) are probably the best-known people who passed on this custom. By smudging we mean the ritual burning of certain herbs to purify energetically.

The Indians called energetic cleansing the "chasing away evil spirits." They expressed contact with the subconscious as "contact with the spirit world". By burning herbs such as white sage, they chased away the evil spirits that would get sick from the herbs.


Smudge with sage; How do you proceed?

Smudge ceremonies with sage are very suitable for cleaning your home, a room or, for example, gemstones. You can also smudge before another ritual that is important to you.

This way you can perform a smudging ceremony:

  • Place the bunch of dragon's blood sage in a refractory dish or abalone shell.
  • Sprinkle a layer of sand in the shell if necessary
  • Light the smudge stick and wait until you see a flame.
  • Blow out the flame and let the herbs smolder.
  • With a feather like a swan feather, you can subtly spread the smoke throughout the room.

Open the doors and windows of the room where you are doing smudging. This way all evil spirits (negativity, bad memories) can go out.



Hold the smudge stick at a 45 degree angle and light it. Allow a moment for the flame to catch, then blow it out. Direct the smoke onto areas you wish to clean and purify, creating a sacred space.

• Never leave a lit incense alone whilst burning
• Do not use on exposed surfaces as may cause Ash burns and staining
• Clean incense holders regularly to prevent staining
• Keep away from children
• Please do not burn incense if pregnant or have breathing problems
• Please ensure incense is extinguished completely and properly before putting away