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Geckoe - Ginko

Hot Jupiter Earrings + Pendant

$92.00 USD

The earrings are made of porcelain and are encircled with fine silver ( 99,9% silver), whereas the hook is sterling silver (92,5% silver). The silver used is the ArtClay Silver, Japanese brand, first in the field of making silver-infused clay.

  • Hand-made 
  • Made and designed in France
  • Lead-free glazing


Ivana Bizic is a ceramist from Bordeaux, France living in the eco-district known as Ginko. 
Her love for nature is an inspiration to her work. In the same way, her logo is a fusion of a Ginko leaf and a gecko, both appear in fossil records dating back over 270 million years. Their symbolism and shapes are often present in her work.