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Lef Jewelry

LEF Jewellery Group C

€160.00 EUR

This robust ring has a look like no other. Split detail combined with dark oxidized stripes covering the surface. Perfectly suited for those who like a sturdy statement ring. 

  • Oxidized (blackened) for texture enhancement
  • Ethical bronze used 
  • Made in Amsterdam

All pieces are made and finished by hand which ensures the highest quality en makes every piece unique.


Founded by Dutch designer Detlef de Boer, LEF's bold aesthetic is rooted in craftmanship. Following his father's footsteps, makes him the fourth generation of jewelry designers within his family, dating back to his great-grandfather. The meaning of the name Detlef is also heritage. 

LEF translated from dutch to english means: bold, daring or audacious. The jewelry made by Detlef is for people who like to wear something different and unique that makes them stand out of the crowd.

Inspired by urban streetwear and non conventional designs, each piece is created to be an honest expression to its wearer. Every piece of jewelry is made by hand and is finished using artisan technique. This ensures that every piece is unique and of the highest quality. In spite of all this detailed precision, the work is characterised by robust and assymmetrical aesthetic. 

The collection is entirely produced in Amsterdam by Detlef himself, combining raw materials such as sterling silver and bronze. As a designer Detlef always finds a new way to express himself with designs that can only be found at LEF jewelry.