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Lok Austria

Lök Sugar-Free Natural Fine Flavour Cacao Powder

€11.00 EUR

Ingredients: 100% Cacao. 
Origin : Arauca, Colombia.                                           
Weight : 200g net - 220g gross.

This Cacao Powder is 100% natural and sugar-free, making it a superfood with high nutritional value. It is packed with antioxidants and has multiple health benefits, such as improving cardiovascular health and decreasing inflammation.

This cacao powder is also free from any chemicals, preservatives, or artificial flavors, making it a pure and natural product. It's perfect for adding to smoothies, baking, or even as a healthy alternative for hot cocoa. With its rich chocolate flavor, it can be used in many recipes to make delicious and healthy treats.

Perfect for home or professional preparations, to make hot chocolate, smoothies, cacao ceremony and more.


Enjoy our Artisan Chocolate crafted and made by Colombian families.