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Natural Stones Crystal Point Wand Fluorite

$18.00 USD

Healing Stone Energy Ore Mineral Crafts Coloured Fluorite

100% natural stone crystals

This Hexagonal Fluorite Healing Wand is beautiful and also has a very useful benefit in terms of healing.

It is particularly used by therapists and by people with knowledge of the chakras and re-balancing of the chakras. They manage to recreate inner harmony to restore well-being to the person whose chakras are out of balance.

This rainbow fluorite, also called fluorite, helps dispel emotional blockages by highlighting what is being repressed. It helps to fight stress by making it possible to put into perspective the situations or events that arise so as to apprehend them more positively. It also helps to feel calm.

A decorative object in your home and also improve your well-being.

The energy of crystal can help clear one's mind and refresh one's spirit. Sitting meditation with a crystal point will strengthen your personal source of inspiration and sharpen your mind.

Approx Size: 70-80mm
length:71-80 mm
width:15-20 mm

Shape: Pyramid
Used for: Feng shui, aligning chakra's, meditation and decoration
Colours: Red Green Blue Black Purple, Pink Yellow White
Made: Hand polished natural stone