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Orgánica Superfoods

Organic Jengibre Powder 100g (Ginger)

€8.00 EUR


With a spicy and lemony flavour, this underground stem not only flavours rice stews, sweet and sour sauces, desserts and hot and cold drinks but is also considered an effective remedy for relieving intestinal problems, nausea, and vomiting... apart from It is a good anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

INGREDIENTS: 100% organically grown ginger powder.
ORIGIN: India.


– For digestion and the microbiota: Promotes the elimination of bacteria and other harmful intestinal microorganisms.
– Helps to improve the composition of the intestinal flora and helps prevent the appearance of intestinal putrefactions responsible for abdominal swelling and meteorism.
– For motion sickness and nausea: Ginger reduces the symptoms associated with motion sickness.
– Prevents colds and flu.
– Strengthens the immune system.
– Antioxidant effect: Delays the aging process.
– Helps to raise the tension in cases of low.


Orgánica Superfoods is more than an organic superfood company, it is the union of people who honour life, food, the earth, the body and the consciousness that inhabits all of them.