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Ripple + Droplets (6 flavour options)

€19.83 EUR

A morning stroll in the meadow, you’re greeted with blades of grass dancing to the beat of the sun. When clouded thoughts overcome your mind, this droplet+ works its magic. A collision between the sweet, radiant freshness of freesia and the rich taste of muskmelon now opens up a path with clear vision and clarity.

Listen to the waves collide as you watch the sunset with a droplet that washes away any bad energy within your vicinity. Take a dive into the aquatic scents of sea salt, infused with the light, floral base notes of sweet-smelling iris as you transform your home into your safe haven.

Raindrops trickle down the wooden exterior of your toasty cabin nestled in the hidden hills. The joy & laughter of your close ones whisk away into the heavenly smoke of the agarwood chips. Fuse this with sweet, tender accents of apricot and you have a room filled with love & security. As you dream away, your fire burns always.

With raspberry trees and marshmallow skies, unlock your inner child as you play with a droplet that captivates the floral essence of rose yet adds a sophisticated but sweet tone of raspberry. Cheeky.

A classy evening beckons. Get ready to excite your space with the opulent and earthy scents of manuka alongside the extravagant sweet scent of the peony flower. Luxurious. Boujie. The wedding bells are ringing as you complete the bouquet.

Feel alive, as you ascend closer to the sky. Empower yourself with a droplet that will emit the invigorating, crisp breeze of awakening you’ve been yearning for. Experience the uplifting scents of mint & the stimulating bounce of rosemary which will culminate in a spiritual cleanse like no other. Purity.
  • 26 droplets / pack
  • 1x sea glass holder
  • low-smoke burn
  • all-natural

RIPPLE+ Droplets
Each droplet is formulated to purify your space with aromas that help enhance your mood depending on your feels. From the woody notes of DREAM, to the sweet and floral essences of BOOST we’ve struck gold with these droplets of delight. Get your flame on, set up nicely & spark it up.

ripple⁺ droplets are made from a unique blend of handpicked botanicals. We’ve carefully selected resins and premium essentials oil to really sprinkle that extra love & attention.
Place your droplet on top of the sea glass holder, grab your light, light the tip of your droplet and gently blow out after a few secs. Now, settle down & let the flame burn.

With a sea glass holder
Ocean-inspired & handcrafted

Custom re-usable box
Sustainable + eco-friendly

Each ripple⁺ droplet burns for at least 10 mins - with 48 per pack, you’ve got plenty of minutes to fully feel the drops take over.