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Teministeriet Rooibos Licorice Tea

€14.95 EUR

Rooibos, licorice.

Ingredients: Rooibos, ginger, cinnamon, apple, coconut, aroma, cardamom, black pepper, almond.

Enrich in our warm version of the classic rooibos tea. With a balanced ensemble of fruit, herbs, and spices, all ingredients have been carefully selected to bring a differentiated experience to the globally known red tea.

The addition of almonds provides this special tea with a creamy aftertaste making it an alternative to dessert or at enjoyed at any time of the day.

May be enjoyed hot or cold. A creamy full-bodied alternative to black tea however that can be experienced throughout the day.

Teministeriet is a specialty tea company from Malmö, Sweden.  With roots from the island of Formosa, Teministeriet combines age-old tea traditions of the Far East with Scandinavian minimalism, design and flair. Of the company ethos, cofounder Kathryn Brown’s says, “My dream was to take everything I’ve learned about tea while growing up in Taiwan and recreating it with the flavors and design esthetics of Scandinavia where I now live and love.” From Chinese Bai-Mu-Dan white tea with familiar fragrances of elderflower and champagne to a green Sencha with wild berries of the north, each tea is a reflection of its multicultural inspiration.