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Sage and Eucalyptus

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Traditionally used for healing and protection, Eucalyptus is used to cleanse negative energy, especially after misunderstandings or during illness, when the level of unwanted energy is high.

The approximate dimension of this incense is 10cm. As there are natural plants, the sizes may vary slightly.

Hold the smudge stick at a 45 degree angle and light it. Allow a moment for the flame to catch, then blow it out. Direct the smoke onto areas you wish to clean and purify, creating a sacred space.

• Never leave a lit incense alone whilst burning
• Do not use on exposed surfaces as may cause Ash burns and staining
• Clean incense holders regularly to prevent staining
• Keep away from children
• Please do not burn incense if pregnant or have breathing problems
• Please insure incense is extinguished completely and properly before putting away

Eucalyptus has a strong relaxing effect, helps increase blood flow to the brain, alleviate mental and physical fatigue. For centuries it has been a sacred plant for the indigenous people of Australia. In Aboriginal culture, traditional healers used it in smudging rituals to bring in positive & healing energy. Eucalyptus has a characteristically minty, fresh scent. Its aroma also contains forest notes, described as sweet and reminiscent of the scent of honey.

Sage relieves anxiety, symptoms of depression and hyperactivity. Smoke from burning Sage calms the mind, relaxes the body and positively affects the mood. Research done on the properties of Sage smudging suggests, that the plant stimulates the mental functions, relieves depression, and even stimulates brain memory functions. Due to its unique, intense aroma and properties, it is a great tool for deepening the practice of meditation or yoga. Burning Sage and Eucalyptus helps to balance vibrations received from the environment and neutralize negative energy.

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