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Small Adorée candle 60ml (17hours)

$7.00 USD

  • 100% soy wax,  100% organic. Soy candles can burn much longer and smell better. The difference with the regular paraffin candle is that paraffin candle contains synthetic substances that can be harmful to health. 
  • Wicks - Our wick has been specially developed for the use of ecological soy wax. Made of pure ring spun cotton and paper. Reducing afterburn and minimising smoke and soot. This combination also ensures better scent diffusion.
  • Glass jars - 100% recycled and you can reuse our glass jars again! Suggestion: tea light in the glass jar to create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Packaging - Our packaging is 100% recyclable.  Package contents - We do not use plastic. 
  • Our filling chips are also environmentally friendly and recyclable. 
  • Oils - 100% concentrated essential oils, cruelty-free and vegan.

Adorée stands for "to revere, to love, to adore". This is a way to connect love, candles and nature in one. The candles are handmade.Our products are eco, vegan & cruelty- free. 

Adorée pots, boxes and filling materials are recyclable. They also dry their own flowers and hay for the contents of the packaging. The company aims to reduce waste and create a better environment. The candles are sustainable because they are made to prevent smoke and soot, reducing  CO2 emissions, encouraging recycling with the reuse of paper and glass whilst bringing a sense of happiness to wherever you are with the look and scent of the candles.

Proudly handmade in Amsterdam