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Soap Dish | 100% Recycled plastic

€16.90 EUR

Are you ready to use our first product made entirely from plastic waste? Beewise is proud to partner with Coudre Berlin & Radian using the circular economy principles to create this new product for you! By reusing local materials, we have made a strong and waterproof soap dish.

This soap dish is 3D printed of high-quality recycled PETG sourced in the Amsterdam area. Recovered plastic bottles get shredded and transformed into filaments, creating these soap dishes and giving a new purpose to wasted material.

We designed it with specific colours and shapes to bring a tiny bit of nature to your bathroom or kitchen. The hive shape will keep your soap always dry and fresh for use. It is a long-lasting dish soap due to the nature of plastic, and it is safe for the whole family.

  • Made from Amsterdam waste
  • Designed for a circular economy
  • Lasts a lifetime
  • Size 10,5 x 7 x 1 cm


              OUR STORY

              Beewise is a company created to encourage people to live a sustainable life by helping them making conscious choices with the day-to-day products they use. Thier mission is to reduce plastic use by making eco-friendly, reusable, non-toxic and sustainable products available to everyone. Their packaging is plastic-free and compostable.