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Squishy Bananas Insoles

$27.00 USD

The Squishy Bananas simply are the ideal insoles for your everyday sneaker or running shoe. It's our lightest and most versatile insole. It provides an experience of squishiness and instant grip due to its natural cork layer. Designed to combine maximum comfort with minimal footprint every step of the way.


Primal Soles are our planet's first 100% recyclable insoles.


Every year, over 100 million insoles are thrown away generating landfill waste as big as the landmass of New Zealand. Our mission is to reduce this waste by offering a 100% recyclable alternative.


We want to set an example for consumers and producers to take responsibility for the entire product life cycle. To do better and to be better. One step at a time.


Our insoles are made from certified Mediterranean cork, sourced from Porto, Portugal, and the bottom of each sole is made from recycled footwear waste and used Primal Soles. Every Primal insole can be sent back to be recycled. Used insoles are grinded up at our partner's facility and then reintroduced into the production process.


We utilize natural cork as our main material, a material originating from the world’s most regenerative and generous tree, the Quercus Suber. Cork is an incredible raw material: not only it is sustainable by nature, it is also soft, light, anti-bacterial and thermo-regulating.


No harm is done to the tree during the harvest. In fact, cork harvesting supports the cork oak tree's ability to absorb CO2 out of the atmosphere as the bark grows stronger after every harvest.


Primal Soles are certified to be recyclable in accordance with the Regulation (EC) No1013/2006 of the European Parliament.