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Natural Heroes

Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Blend

€12.00 EUR

  • Ultimate preparation for a good night's sleep
  • Calmsrelaxes and reassures
  • Creates the atmosphere for a deep sleep
  • 100% pure and natural ingredients

The Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Blend soothes, relaxes and helps improve the quality of your sleep. This way you can start the next day wonderfully charged.

The combination of Bergamot (Citrus Bergamia), Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia), Sweet Orange (Citrus Sinensis) and Ylang Ylang (Cananga Odorata) gives this blend a tender, calming scent that prepares you for a night of deep sleep.

Benefits of this essential oil blend

The sweet scent of bergamot, lavender and orange helps you put the day behind you and save your worries for tomorrow, while ylang ylang calms the nervous system. This way you can relax before going to sleep.

The blend lowers your stress level and can reduce anxious thoughts. The scent of this blend gives you a deep sense of peace, which makes it easier to fall asleep.

Deep Sleep
Calming and reassuring, the scent prepares you for a night of deep sleep. This way you start your day rested and you are ready for a new day to make your dreams come true. Combine with Morning Sunshine Essential Oil Blend for optimal effect.

What can you use it for?

Put a few drops of Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Blend on a handkerchief and place it under your pillow. 

Mix 5 drops of the blend with a tablespoon of castor oil and add to a warm bath. Then immediately crawl under the covers for a wonderful sleep.

Turn your bedroom into a soothing temple. Put 3 drops of the Sweet Dreams blend in a diffuser and let the soothing scent work on you.

Note : avoid the eyes, ears and sensitive spots on the skin. Not for internal use. Consult with a specialist before use. Keep out of reach of children.


Natural Heroes is a social enterprise founded in 2016 with the aim of making healthy & sustainable living simple and fun. Their focus is on clean beauty: natural vegan sustainable products and DIY kits, that will help you to create your deodorant, body lotion, toothpaste and lip balm for the scratch! 

Natural Heroes stands for high quality, transparency, a sustainable way of thinking,  a high degree of social and environmental responsibility, and good vibes.