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CC Studio

UBUNTA Incense bowl

€50.00 EUR
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This AVENTURIN shaped bowl is the mystic extra you need

Living in the only way towards understanding. The incense bowls handmade with love from clay. The incense bowl comes with a palo santo stick and a meditation on a seeded paper, to seed your intentions. Used as an altar at home and with a great shape to collect all totems and crystals.

All unique colourful bowls with mixing of different glazes.



Claire is a conduit between art, nature, and spirituality.

Her mission is to connect people with the profound beauty of the natural world, inspire a sense of wonder, and foster a community bound by creativity and shared experiences.

Claire specializes in crafting art ceramics and sculptures that draw inspiration from the intricate beauty of nature, with a particular fascination for mushrooms. Her creations breathe life into clay, transforming it into enchanting sculptures that capture the essence of the natural world.

Nestled in the heart of Amsterdam, at the vibrant Leidseplein, Claire's atelier serves as the sacred space where her artistic journey unfolds. 


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