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New Dawn Bath

Deep Forest Bath Salt

€7.44 EUR


"Nature is circular, so are you."


Packaginging for one single bath (or two foot baths)60 grams of salt with remedies inside.


A grounding bath salt cosisting of Celtic Sea Salt (high in minarals), Epsom Salt (high in magnesium) essential oils of Manuka, Myrrh and Swiss Pine and the New Dawn Essence of Wholeness®.


Feeling one with nature. A vibration of healing energy rises from the earth. A soothing energy surrounds you from the cosmos. This process takes place in complete safety. Cleans everything, that takes you out of your center. On a deep level. Feeling a connection with all life and feeling at home within yourself.





Pour in the bath

Disconnect from technology

If you feel called, recite the ritual


Nurture yourself ·



"Bathing is known to be a sacred ritual not only able of cleansing our physical body butreinvigorating our emotional, mental and spiritual body as well.
Our salts are there to nourish you on All levels. 
Through a bath or foot bath you are able to: take in minerals, exhale stress, 
allow yourself to disconnect from the world and more importantly connect with yourself.
Our salts are a tool- to bring you into presence.
Giving yourself permission to pause, breathe, reflect, bathe and just be.
Every New Dawn Essence® (flower remedy) in our salts is carefully selected 
to enhance the intention of the bathing experience. 
Complement your intention to rest, rejuvenate or ground.