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One trip to Belgium and Harry Habanero came back obsessed. “Moutarde, moutarde, moutarde,” all he mumbled for days. Emerging from his test kitchen, he held high a sauce - a mustard-y habanero blend made for grilled sausage, carnitas tacos, mac & cheese, pork chops and…<drum roll>…salmon. Mucho sauce piquante moutarde manifique!



Renae is 100% natural sauces created with local ingredients from small (magical farms &

in Andalucia, Spain. The perfect combination of soil e sunshine and snowmelt for deeply

thoughtful and emotionally available peppers. Delivering a buzzy clean, beautiful glow that warms from the inside out.

We started Renae to champion the chilli pepper’s evolution from novelty carnie freak to a positive part of our everyday. From pain to feeling. From suffering to benefit. From explosions to buzzy, healthy heat.

We change how people think of the chilli pepper by making the cleanest, healthiest, and best sauces in the world. Sauces that guide the uninitiated to the health, flavour, and emotional benefits of the spicy pepper. We believe onboarding more of the world to the benefits of the spicy heat will bring joy, discovery, and health. A happy feeling that warms from the inside out.

Renae is…

  • Healthy Heat — A clean, nourishing, natural food.

  • Approachable — Doesn’t expect you to be in a battle with the heat.

  • A flexible companion — Elevates a range of dishes and cuisines, like rice bowls with mixed veggies, sweet potatoes, pizza, mac n cheese, Taco Tuesday, Thai noodles, oysters, scrambled eggs with melted cheese, pulled pork, anything grilled.

  • Handmade via traditional methods of growing and preparing.

  • Won’t help you levitate, but will zing an added buzz into your day.

  • A gourmet condiment and different from what you’ll find in European groceries.

  • The evolution and elevation of chilli pepper to “every meal” condiment.

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