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Pika Hotstuff

Pika Hotstuff sauce

€9.99 EUR

Pika Hotstuff is spicy tropical taste in a bottle. Homemade in Amsterdam from a traditional Caribbean recipe. 100% Natural, vegan & fresh. Spice it up!How spicy is Pika?Pika Hotstuff has a medium heat level. But some consider it to be pretty hot because of the tropical peppers that it contains. So don’t be shy and enjoy yourself. What does Pika taste like?Pika Hotstuff tastes like the tropics. Fresh, sweet and hot. With an acidic twist that will get you going. Pika is a real taste enhancer that gives all your favorite flavors a spicy kick in the butt.What’s in Pika?Pika Hotstuff is 100% natural which makes it very suitable for veggies and vegans. It contains hot peppers, onions, vinegar, and a lot of tropical love. Pika doesn’t have any additional salt, sugar or preservatives. It’s all natural, baby.How do I use Pika?The more the better, it’s actually healthy. You can use Pika Hotstuff as a chili sauce, marinade or condiment. It’s a really great flavor booster. Just shake the bottle well before use and pour it over your food.How long does Pika last?Pika Hotstuff stays good for at least a couple of months when kept cool in the fridge. But you’ll probably finish the bottle way before that. It’s just so good!Recipe IdeasPika Hotstuff goes super with everything. From BBQ chicken to healthy salads. And from your favorite pizza to fried breakfast eggs&bacon. Pika also tastes great on your peanut butter sandwich, cheese platter and when you use it as an ingredient for your everyday recipes. Spice it up!