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Hot Head Salsa

Serrano Pepper & Celery Salsa (100 ML)

€7.99 EUR

Our serrano pepper & celery salsa is inspired by the popular salsa verde (without using any of the original ingredients!) and is a refreshing salsa for those hot summer days!

This Hot Head Salsa blends the mild heat of serrano peppers with the refreshing flavours of celery, apple and pear. Our serrano peppers are fresh, organic and sourced from a local Dutch pepper farm. Each salsa has carefully selected ingredients and undergoes a 4-6 weeks lacto-fermentation to create intense flavour bombs!

Our serrano pepper and celery salsa is a tasty addition to taco's, burrito's, quesadillas and any tortilla-based meal, but also a great way to give a nice kick to your loaded nachos and burgers!

Are you a spicy food lover and craving an artisanal spicy salsa? Explore our flavours to combine with a variety of cuisines!

Spice level: 2/5

Ingredients: Serrano pepper, celery, apple, pear, fresh mint, garlic, pink Himalaya salt, lemon juice, natural vinegar, xanthan gum.



Hot Head Salsa is a series of fermented hot sauces, handcrafted in Amsterdam, and born out of a passion for spicy food and a curiosity for experimentation.

At Hot Head Salsa we are focused on small batches and freshly curated products. With our unique approach on fermentation, we are on a never-ending journey to create incredible flavour bombs that will make your hot head spin.

Are you a true hot head? Are you craving an artisanal spicy salsa to combine with your variety of cuisines?

Come explore our series of fermented hot sauces, but be careful, as they are addictively delicious! "