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Eat Mielies

Amsterdam Mug

$12.00 USD

284ml ceramic mug. Dishwasher and microwave safe!

"Amsterdam: city of little squashed houses and angry cyclists, where you get mayonnaise with your fries and the streets smell of weed and waffles"


Eat Mielies designs "weird Illustration about celebrating the weirdness of human bodies".

Kim is a South African living in Amsterdam. The name "Eat Mielies" was derived from one of Kim's favourite South African words (Mielies = corn on the cob) as she feels a small amount of homesickness mixed with joy whenever she thinks of her mother calling "Who wants a mielie?" at the dinner table, and specifically about the time when her mother pretended to chuck a mielie across the table at somebody and accidentally smashed her new Christmas Wine Glass in the process.

Kim started her weird illustration business accidentally, while she was supposed to be studying music. She wanted to create the weird products she wished she could find in the shops.

She started by making a handful of products which her friends bought from her. She did two markets in Amsterdam and was pleasantly surprised to see strangers laughing their heads off at her stuff. Then she somehow found herself selling in a concept store in Amsterdam (The Maker Store) and to everyone's surprise, discovered that people couldn't get enough penis cards. The rest is history!