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Bright Mood Coffee Blend

€22.00 EUR


Everybody could do with a wider smile. This coffee combines some of nature's most powerful mood enhancers to lift your spirits and calm any worries. Make the most of another beautiful day.

Organic arabica coffee, organic Reishi extract, Griffonia seed extract (20% 5-HTP), L-Theanine.

Ingredient & nutritional information per 15 g (1 serving)
Coffee : 14.40 g
Reishi extract : 250 mg
Griffonia seed extract (20% 5-HTP) : 250 mg
L-Theanine : 100 mg

Net weight 300g.


Upraising means to lift something up to a higher level
and that’s what we are all about. With our coffees, we
want to help people reach their full potential.
We have harnessed the power of the highest quality
functional mushrooms and other nootropics and
adaptogens and combined them with great tasting
organic, fair trade Colombian coffee.
Our current coffees support our community with
productivity and focus, immunity and vitality and
mood and creativity.
We look forward to you trying them and experiencing
the benefits.