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Six and Sons

Ceremony Matcha Whisk Holder (BLACK)

€9.95 EUR

A Matcha whisk is fragile, so a whisk holder is needed to maintain the shape of the whisk and prevent it from being damaged. If you plan to buy or own a matcha bamboo whisk, we recommend that you get a whisk holder with it.

Matcha tea requires a different type of preparation than other types of tea. By grinding the leaves super finely (think talcum powder), the tea is traditionally beaten in a bowl with high sides. The whisking prevents clumps of tea powder from sticking together, like a bad batch of thick gravy! The high bowl prevents the tea from splashing around. This preparation and ritual is part of the beauty of this tea and forces you to take time and care whilst making it. 

Ceramic Whisk Holder 
Not suitable for a dishwasher