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Spicy worms - 4 flavour gift set

€24.99 EUR

The worms are an experience for the truly adventurous. We've fine-tuned four fun flavors. You can try the classic garlic and the exotic flavour of chilli and lime. We've used only the finest natural spices. The flavours are connected with organic cold-pressed sunflower oil. Youĺl be talking about this experience for days to come.
Unique and imaginative Christmas gift In Gift wrapping, but the crickets are still the star. We attached the stand with strings of different colours to a recycled paper box. Inside the box you can read all the interesting facts about crickets.


SENS is a brand of healthy high-quality nutritional foods based on a novel sustainable source of protein – crickets. Since 2016, SENS has been a pioneer in introducing cricket protein products to the European diet.

Why crickets?

At SENS we believe in maximal nutrition, minimal harm. Crickets require 2000x less water and produce 100x fewer CO2 than beef for the same amount of protein.

We offer a variety of sustainable alternative protein products including snacks, chips, protein bars, nut spreads, instant breakfast, smoothie mixes and pasta.