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Dalicious 2 Treats Crunchy Cacao 30g

€2.49 EUR

Dalicious 2 Treats, your healthy snack for any time of the day; Put it in your work, sports and travel bag and you are always good! Crunchy Cacao is for chocolate lovers who like a crunchy bite, which you get from the added cacao nibs. Together with the sweetness from the dates, it provides a moment of pure enjoyment! Smile guaranteed!


With Dalicious, it is our goal to create indulging moments that make you happy. to give you your snack moment of pure happiness while energizing. wellness & functionality do go hand in hand!

Given the snacks offered in supermarkets, it seems normal to eat snacks that are heavily processed and filled with unhealthy, empty ingredients that leave you with energy dips and guilt feelings as a result. this is not the way to go at all!

With Dalicious, we combine the best from nature with the best for you, in a sustainable way; a nutritious organic treat for the 'me-time' moment, after which you continue your day full of energy. Created with love in Amsterdam.

100% organic| gluten free| clean label| pure, 0% additives| no added sugars| nutritious|