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Decanter Invino 200cl

€44.00 EUR

  • material: eco-crystal
  • dishwasher safe 

    Super nice wine decanter made of lead-free crystal glass.

    What is crystal glass.
    Crystal glass, a popular name for glass that you see more and more these days. Crystal glass is a material that is often used for wine glasses. It ensures that the glass makes a nice “ping” sound when toasting. Crystal glass is also sturdier than normal glass and is less likely to break.

    What does lead-free mean?
    Crystal glass is a mixture of materials, which normally also includes lead. Because lead is basically toxic, more and more manufacturers are looking for lead-free solutions. RCR's glassware is therefore made of lead-free crystal glass.

    RCR Cristalleria Italiana was born in 1967 in the heart of Tuscany when a group of craftsmen decided to bring the millenary tradition of glassmaking to higher-level pigments.

    All their products are made of Eco-Crystal, a material of the highest quality and made with total respect for the environment pigments. Their production is emission-free and uses renewable energy to create 100% recyclable products pigments.

    RCR Cristalleria Italiana stands out in the market of tableware by combining tradition with fervent innovation, design and research.

    Made in Italy