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Eco soap + Coconut shell soap dish

€10.95 EUR

Why do we choose coconut shells for our soap dishes?

We did research on finding a great circular product to keep our eco soaps dry, and coconut was the best combination with our products.

Coconut trees are abundant in Asia and the tropics. They are used almost entirely after the meat and water are removed; fibres can be removed from the coconut and turned into many valuable products. The shells also have many ways to use. But sometimes, it’s discarded and left to open burn, causing harmful emissions.

Many artisans make incredible designs using these shells, and our soap dish is one of those versatile and durable products made of wasted coconut shells.

So aside from having sustainably sourced, handcrafted, compostable, and circular products, you can enjoy a tropical look in your household.

Imperfectly, they are unique. Not a single piece is the same.


Boavista uses waste recycled oil to produce effective solid dish soap and cleaning accessories. Their handmade solid dish soap is an alternative to eliminate the need for plastic bottles. All-natural, biodegradable, sulphate, and paraben-free. Why mention it? Because Parabens is a chemical group used to extend the shelf life of products and many people are allergic to it. And there is no need for sulphates to create extra foam; it foams very well. It is a multipurpose soap, perfect to use for household cleaning in general.

Boavista sponges are hand sewed by a group of women from a poor community in the south of Brazil, generating income and supporting local work, both for these women and the fishermen from whom Nara Guichon buys the nets.

Transparency in the Ingredients:

  • Waste frying oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Water
  • Citrus Essential Oil.