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New Dawn Bath

Energetic Cleanse Bath Salt

€9.00 EUR


"You can always begin again"


Packaging for one single bath (or two foot baths). 60 grams of salt with remedies inside.


A revitalising bath salt consisting of Celtic Sea Salt (high in minerals), Epsom Salt (high magnesium), organic essential oils of Bergamot, Blood Orange and Grapefruit, New Dawn Essence of Waterfall®.


Feeling one with nature. A vibration of healing energy rises from the earth. A soothing energy surrounds you from the cosmos. This process takes place in complete safety. Cleans everything, that takes you out of your center. On a deep level. Feeling a connection with all life and feeling at home within yourself.





Pour in the bath

Disconnect from technology

If you feel called, recite the ritual


Nurture yourself ·



"Bathing is known to be a sacred ritual not only able of cleansing our physical body butreinvigorating our emotional, mental and spiritual body as well.
Our salts are there to nourish you on All levels. 
Through a bath or foot bath you are able to: take in minerals, exhale stress, 
allow yourself to disconnect from the world and more importantly connect with yourself.
Our salts are a tool- to bring you into presence.
Giving yourself permission to pause, breathe, reflect, bathe and just be.
Every New Dawn Essence® (flower remedy) in our salts is carefully selected 
to enhance the intention of the bathing experience. 
Complement your intention to rest, rejuvenate or ground.