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Finn & Gunnar

Fine Comb Amber

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Finn & Gunnar - a Norwegian handmade hair and grooming brand rooted in the tradition.Finn & Gunnar Nordic Hair Care is based on our legacy of four generations of hair care professionals with more than 100 years of experience. It all started with Anna Nilsens hairdresser salon in the vibrant Grunerlokka neighbourhood in Oslo, Norway at the beginning of last century. Since then, there were several salons in Oslo, and in the 1970s we developed our own hair care line. Today, more than ever before, our purpose, vision and inspiration are rooted in the sustainability of our environment.Our products are handmade in Norway, and are formulated to eliminate toxic and harmful substances, while leveraging the bioactive compounds found in herbs and plants across the Nordic region. By combining traditional Nordic phytotherapy traditions with modern hair and skin care science, we have developed an organic and ethical product portfolio adapted to the demanding hair care needs of ladies and men. Our products contain pure water from Norway.All our packaing is from eco-friendly paper that contains waste residues from citrus fruits, grapes, lavender, corn, coffee, cherries and nuts.