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KUYAY Dark chocolate 70% with blueberry

€7.50 EUR

Dark chocolate with 30% of raw sugar and dried blueberry.


Kuyay Chocolates premiers in Amsterdam at SIX AND SONS. Their farm is located in Bagua Grande, Amazonas, PERU and has been producing fine aroma cocoa for more than 80 years. Since 2016 - making their own chocolate bars for which they have been awarded several international awards. A true tree-to-bar company - family farmers.

A Family Tradition

We're a family-owned company dedicated to cocoa cultivation, the key ingredient in our delicious chocolates. From planting and harvesting to fermentation and drying, we oversee every step of the process, ensuring traceability from cocoa bean to chocolate bar.

Nestled in Jahuanga – Bagua Grande – Amazon-Peru, our plot boasts a clonal garden with 135 native cacao varieties from the Amazon region.

Our cocoa beans come from Bagua Grande-Amazon, situated at 450 meters above sea level in northeastern Peru. The tropical forest climate and natural surroundings make it the perfect environment for cocoa cultivation. Inspired by this harmony with nature, we named our chocolate "Kuyay," meaning love and harmony in Quechua.

At Kuyay, we're proud of our organic beans and our commitment to sustainable practices that respect the land and its resources.