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Large Smudge White Sage

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Cleanse your room with this mini smudge stick of white sage! The smudge stick is 10 cm long and gives a strong, spicy scent during burning. The ritual "smudging" is believed to be thousands of years old. The idea behind it is that you purify your living environment of negative energy and evil spirits. By opening the windows and burning white sage, you will free your home from gloom and a heavy atmosphere.


What is smudging and where does it come from?

"Smudging" involves cleaning your environment from a bad atmosphere and negative energy. You do this by burning certain herbs, such as white or blue sage. The ritual is believed to be thousands of years old. Cave dwellers probably already did this. The most famous people who spread the ritual are probably the Indians. By burning white sage, they chase evil spirits from their environment. Legend has it that evil spirits cannot tolerate white sage! The ritual has now also spread to Europe, where people practice smudging to clean their homes.


The effect of white sage

White sage is the best-known smudging herb. The plant grows mainly in California and is called in Latin Salvia Alpiana. When burned, white sage gives off a strong, spicy scent. While some may have to get used to this, many people find the smell pleasant in the end. In addition to cleaning the atmosphere in your home, burning white sage also helps keep insects away in the summer. In addition, the aroma of white sage is strong enough to drive unwanted odors from your home.


Burn white sage; tips

This 10-centimeter white sage smudge stick is perfect for your own smudging ritual at home. What you need is a fireproof dish or shell, a lighter or matches and possibly a spring. With a spring you can spread the white sage smoke well throughout the room.

Light the smudge stick and wait until you see a flame. Blow it out so that the herbs smolder. A lot of smoke and odor will now be released from the white sage. Spread the smoke throughout the room as much as possible, so that you clean the atmosphere everywhere.

The Indians liked to bring together the four elements for their cleansing rituals: water, wind, earth and fire. A shell stands for the element of water, the herbs for earth, the combustion for the fire and the smoke for the wind. By using a shell as a bowl, you bring all the elements together for a complete ritual!