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Lightweight Polymer Clay Earrings / Medusa

€25.00 EUR

Lightweight & colourful statement earrings made from polymer clay. This gives you the option to wear them ALL DAY LONG without any discomfort. Nothing should drag you down while you rock your day!

Materials: Polymer Clay, Stainless steel

Each pair is individually handmade with lots of love so please keep in mind that no two earrings are identical and the shape or pattern can slightly vary as seen on the picture.



Hi! My name is Biance and I'm the founder of Dots&Freckles. The name behind my company is a combination of what love and what is a part of me. My obsession with dots is visible in my interior, my clothes and of course my earrings. When I was younger I was covered in Freckles and I still get them a lot during the summer. Making Polymer Clay Earrings first started off as a hobby but very soon I realized that I want to share my passion with others.

A big part of my company's mission is to reduce fast fashion's footprint which is why my earrings are made to last! My creations are also working against the stigma that statement earrings are heavy and uncomfortable. Mine are the opposite! The lightweightness of the Polymer Clay gives you the statement without cutting back on comfort.