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Loba scented candle 230g

€32.00 EUR


Sensual & sweet. 

Our "Loba" scent empowers the wolf instinct that is inside us. This scent combines notes of floral musk, amber, patchouli, and magnolia, with an aromatic base of tonka beans, a natural aphrodisiac. A plant-based, non-toxic and cruelty-free scented candle, made with 100% sustainable and plastic-free materials.

This is the scent no. 5, a number associated with abundance, energy, movement, and freedom.  

Top notes: lemon
Heart notes: myrrh, magnolia
Base notes: earthy, floral musk, patchouli, tonka, amber

Our jar candles have a burning time of around 60/65 hours. Please note that our products are 100% natural, which means that the burning time may vary depending on weather, humidity, and room temperature.

Content 230g. 



Hippa was founded on the premise to ground mindfulness and aromatherapy, making it digestible, conscious and educative.

"Scents that elevate your well-being. Plant-based, Natural, Sustainable & Intentional Living. Handmade in Amsterdam.

Carefully selected scents that embody the fragrances and tailored them to bring you back, right here in the present, enjoying the little things in life and reconnecting with your senses.

All the products are handmade from natural and non-toxic ingredients so the impact of them does not come at the cost of our planet, its inhabitants and you."