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Monster n°2 (Colour) A4 poster

€20.00 EUR
Size: A4
This monster is inspired by the kukeri and they are hunters of evil spirits, belonging to Bulgarian folklore. Every year before spring, Bulgarians celebrate the kukeri festival. Men dress up in costumes made of furs, feathers and horns, with terrifying masks, and perform magic dances in the streets. At the sound of dozens of bells attached to their belts, they chase away evil spirits and bad fortune, and make wishes of good health and prosperity.

IRINCHE is an illustrator that represents a magical and colourful universe, nourished by her childhood memories, family, and the old tales that her grandmother read to her in Bulgaria. The characters she draws are endearing by their naive and childlike side, but also intriguing and strange. Through her creations, she expresses her fascination for what is out of the ordinary, by conveying positive messages. She lives in Bordeaux, France as a full-time illustrator/designer.