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Saucy Dans

Naughty Nectar - Spicy Fermented Honey

€9.99 EUR

Why be sweet when you can be a little naughty?

Back by popular demand, Naughty Nectar is back in stock. Raw organic wildflower honey infused with Madame Jeanette chillis, shallots, and garlic, to give your food an extra punch of spice and sweet. The honey helps mellows out the heat, but don't worry, there's still plenty of fire inside every jar.

What's it good on? Anything from pizza to pancakes, fried chicken to iced coffee.

Heat Level Indicator: 🌶️🌶️ | Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Hunnybee | Tastes like the essence of chillis with a nice floral scent but without much of heat, the chunks of chilli are still properly spicy, however.



Before I became Saucy Dan, I was just a humble BBQ enthusiast, known on de straat as spicyboi99. Living in a city, Amsterdam, with less than 15 days of BBQ-worthy weather a year, I clocked in 43 bbq sessions a season.

Yet as a recovering Sriracha addict, I realized the missing piece in any BBQ chowdown experience was in the sauce—flavor nirvana eluded us. Out of this desperation, Saucy Dans was born.

When I'm not whipping up a new sauce idea, you'll likely find me in someone else's kitchen, adding unsolicited additional spices to the food they're cooking.

Stay saucy, my friends.