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Organic Beeswax Food Wraps Set

€17.90 EUR

If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly way to keep your food sealed, protected, and good for future leftovers then our Beeswax Food Wraps are just what you need.

They are made with 100% organic cotton, beeswax, pin resin and sunflower oil which are biodegradable materials making these food wraps the ideal way to keep your food fresh as it doesn’t leave a plastic trail behind for 1000’s of years.

You can even reuse these food wraps over and over again without having to throw them away after a single use. Just wash them with cold water and soap and they’ll be ready to go for the next batch of produce you bring in!

  • Hive Pattern
  • 100% Biodegradable product and packaging
  • It includes 3 assorted sizes: 1 small 18 x 20 cm, 1 medium 26 x 28 cm, and 1 large 33 x 36 cm
  • Made in France with local ingredients


    Beewise is a company created to encourage people to live a sustainable life by helping them making conscious choices with the day-to-day products they use. Their mission is to reduce plastic use by making eco-friendly, reusable, non-toxic and sustainable products available to everyone. Their packaging is plastic-free and compostable.