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Palmyra Nectar - 300g

€12.00 EUR

Palmania palmyra nectar is pure, natural, unrefined and amazingly delicious. Palmyra nectar is naturally one of the healthiest and most nutritious sweeteners thanks to its key nutrients including vital amino acids, B1 and B12, as well as minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus. Palmyra nectar also has a low glycaemic index.

This is possibly the best natural sugar available -although it is also the most difficult to acquire.
It’s made from the crystallised nectar of the palmyra palm and has a glucose level of 40.  Like coconut-derived sugar, it has a caramel flavour and can be used as a direct sugar substitute - cut the amount your recipe requires in half.

Palmania palmyra nectar is made from the inflorescence sap of wildly grown palmyra (Borassus Flabellifer) trees in Bay Nui area, Vietnam. It takes a wildly grown palmyra tree in Vietnam at least 30 years until its first harvest. From this stage, the tree can be sustainably tapped until reaching its natural lifespan which can be over 100 years.

Discover the truest taste of Palmyra Nectar!

Ingredient: 100% natural palmyra nectar from wildly grown palmyra trees

Taste: Sweet and savoury - almost feels like a natural salted caramel

Flavour: Fruity and nutty with great depth and a lovely clean finish

Goes great with: Beverages (including tea and coffee), desserts, baked goods and other cooking recipes (especially South East Asian foods)

Net weight: 300g


Palmania is a combination of Palmyra and Mania. We love healthy products which are naturally produced from wildly grown Palmyra trees. Our dream is to make truly natural, pure and healthy products for our customers.


Palmania was founded by Hoai, Diu, and Ngoc, who wanted to share their love of palmyra nectar and palmyra nectar based products with the rest of the world. After 2 years of trial and error, they finally succeeded in making 100% organic palmyra nectar. Palmania became the first company in Vietnam to do so. Palmania won the two-star Great Taste Awards for Palmania Palmyra Nectar, becoming one of the few palmyra nectar brands in the world to win this amazing two-star Great Taste Awards. In the spring of 2021 - Palmania Europe was born and the first shipment from Vietnam arrived in Finland. The company's journey to bring Palmania from a small rural town in Vietnam to the rest of the world began.

A Product That Makes Us Proud
Revive a traditional craft: an almost forgotten traditional craft is now revived for future generations. Better income for indigenous farmers: by closely cooperating and buying directly from farmers, we not only ensure our product quality but also provide better wages (2-2.5 times higher than the average) and a stable annual income.

Save the trees: with monetary incentives that Palmania brings, indigenous farmers keep their culturally meaningful trees for palmyra nectar production instead of cutting down and selling them for EUR 18 just to be used as timber

Create more jobs for local: we also create more jobs for locals, especially for young indigenous women at our production site.

As reviewed by “The Women’s Health Magazine” in the UK
“Palmyra Jaggery is a traditional Ayurvedic ingredient that is nutrient-dense — 1 tablespoon provides 133% of daily vitamin B12 requirement, 222% of vitamin B6, 665% of your vitamin B1. It also has a glycemic index of 40 making it less disruptive to blood sugar levels — by comparison, white sugar has a GI of 100 and no added nutritional benefit. Palmyra is also organic, ethically sourced and a sustainable business for the communities who farm it.”