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Mahokhorshid azade

Shaparak pendant

€49.00 EUR

Our mind can fly stronger than any wings
  • Method: Wax carving
  • Brass. Silver coating
  • Size: 52mm- 27mm



MAHOKHORSHID is a jewellery brand founded in 2014 by an award-winning Iranian designer, Azade Baloochi. She is a professional painter, sculptor, and illustrator with a bachelor’s degree in painting, where she received The New Generation award, and a master’s degree in illustration. Her passion for drawing and interest in history, culture, and human social relations led her to focus on the human body, especially women, and their relationship with the environment in her works. She believes that jewellery is not just a decorative object, but a carrier of history and time.

Being born in Iran, she got the opportunity to explore the culture, language, and artistic works of around eight different ethnic groups, and the creativity of women in Iran who made their clothes and crafts as beautiful as possible has been a major subject of her studies. Azade's jewellery pieces are inspired by Iranian women and their creativity in making beautiful clothes and crafts.