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Stand for the Oceonics Safety Razor

€12.00 EUR

This shaving razor stand by Oceonics is the solution for every small or (woops!) messy bathroom. You place it wherever you like and just insert your Safety Razor in it. That way, the razor is standing up and it will perfectly dry after every use in the shower or the sink. You’ll loose minimal space and keep it clean and dry. The shaving razor stand comes in three colors (just like our Safety Razors): Rose Gold, Chrome and Anthracite. Are you going to match or contrast your Safety Razor?

It might come out handy to have this shaving razor stand:

  • Takes up little space in the bathroom
  • Your razor will be clean and dry
  • Minimalistic design, available in three colors


      Kelly and Annemieke founded Oceonics in 2018. Once looking out at the gently rippling water of the Mediterranean Sea, they thought how ugly the seas will be caused by all the plastic waste in it and wanted to fight this plastic waste! Since June 2021 Karole took over this mission. Oceonics, offers you the finest care products for the bathroom that are free of unnecessary plastic. We don’t offer foils, bags, tubes and bottles made of plastics. Because who needs plastic when you can also replace it with easily degradable & better recyclable materials.
      Sunbathe on the beach or take a cooling dip in the sea, the chance that you will encounter plastic is very high. Despite the attention for the plastic soup in the ocean, the plastic problem continues to grow. Too much is used and it ends up in places where it does not belong. The solution? To recycle? No, we do not believe in this, because the actual recycling of plastic is still too complicated. We believe in prevention! For us, step 1 towards a Zero Waste lifestyle is to make your bathroom plastic-free. There are so many great alternatives available for what you are used to. You just have to know which ones, and we will help you with that! All conscious choices help, no matter how small.