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Sweetgrass Braid 10cm

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Fill your home with positivity again by smudging with sweetgrass. Sweetgrass has a pleasant odour. This scent is sweet and reminds a bit of fudge. You can recognize a sweetgrass smudge stick by the braided structure. With this delicious, purely natural product you can clean your home from negative energy and unwanted odors.


The origin of smudging

By "smudging" we mean the smoking ceremonies that the Indians held to drive out evil spirits. During these rituals, they burned herbs such as white sage, to scare away evil spirits and attract friendly spirits. Through the sage, the Indians were able to come into contact with the spirit world and with their subconscious.

The Indians burned the herbs in a fireproof dish or shell. They prefer to ensure that the four elements come together: fire (burn) earth (herbs), water (shell) and air (smoke).

At Eastern Trading you can find sweetgrass and other herbs, as well as various shells for your smudging ritual.


Sweetgrass smudge benefits

Sweetgrass is a type of grass. You can find this species in North America and on the border of Asia and Europe. If you are just starting out with smudging, sweetgrass has a pleasant scent. Where white sage is very penetrating, sweetgrass is much softer and sweeter. People who know the smell often find it similar to the smell of toffee.

The soft sweet scent of sweetgrass soothes, makes you cheerful and expels negative energy.


How to smudge sweetgrass

Performing your own smoking ceremony is not difficult. All you need is your sweetgrass smudging stick, a fireproof dish and a lighter. Carefully light the braided grass and blow out the flame. The grass will now smolder and smoke. If you want to properly clean this area, we recommend spreading the smoke. You can do this with a spring, for example. With us, you can find different feathers to complete your ritual.

You can hold a smoking ceremony for various reasons:

  • expelling negative energy
  • creating a pleasant scent
  • meditation and relaxation
  • the inauguration of a new house


Sweet grass tips

We recommend that you always open a window or door during a smoking ceremony. This way, negativity and unwanted odors can leave your house. You also keep the climate in your house healthy.

Always stay close while burning herbs, and always be careful with young children and animals.


Perfect for smudging a new home or celebrating new chapters in life, this herb allows your spirit to connect with nature.

The approximate incense size is 10cm. Plants may be slightly vary in size due to their natural origin.

Hold the smudge stick at a 45 degree angle and light it. Allow a moment for the flame to catch, then blow it out. Direct the smoke onto areas you wish to clean and purify, creating a sacred space.

• Never leave a lit incense alone whilst burning
• Do not use on exposed surfaces as may cause Ash burns and staining
• Clean incense holders regularly to prevent staining
• Keep away from children
• Please do not burn incense if pregnant or have breathing problems
• Please ensure incense is extinguished completely and properly before putting away